The Wellness Guide | 001 - Georgia Mort

The Wellness Guide | 001 - Georgia Mort

We prioritse health and wellbeing as a core value of our company. Incorporating wellness into your daily life helps to further expand your mind, body and spirit. We've each taken our own paths to get where we are and this series is all about exploring the individuality of this journey. 

Recently we caught up with Georgia Mort.


REC GEN: Describe yourself in three words

Georgia Mort: Passionate, reliable, driven.

RG: What is your morning routine like? How do you set yourself up for the day ahead?

GM: Mornings are my favourite time of the day. Each morning, I’ll go for my morning run, before I do anything else. My morning run primes me for the day, is my active meditation and clears any cob webs; there is nothing else like it! After my run, I will generally do a short yoga home practice for approximately 30-40 minutes where I can re centre and ground. My yoga practice is also imperative to ensure I can connect to my body and mind. After my yoga practice, I will take my morning supplements, have plenty of water, a swig of ACV and my seaweed mineral concoction! I will then shower and get ready for my work day ahead!



RG: Daily movement is important - How do you wear your Rec Gen?

GM: I am obsessed with rec gens activewear as it feels like butter on the skin. I wear my rec gen while running, practicing yoga, boxing or in a spin class - the brand is so versatile and that is what makes it special!!


RG: How do you bring a sense of calmness and clarity into your day?

GM: As soon as I wake up in bed in the morning, I close my eyes and count to 10 before I get up. While I’m counting I cultivate a sense of clarity as to what my upcoming day involves and what person I want to be throughout it. I also have a morning and evening yoga practice which brings a sense of calmness and stillness to my mind and body.


RG: What keeps you motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

GM: I think living a healthy and balanced lifestyle creates so many noticeable ripple effects that the journey is almost impossible to turn away from. Over time, leading a healthy lifestyle becomes a natural habit, as there is almost an unlocking and reconfiguring of the brain. I have found that the effects of positive choices and behaviour outweighs anything else and begins to rub off onto those around you, whereby a community of likeminded people is formed.