Field Test Series 01 - Tribe HQ

Field Test Series 01 - Tribe HQ

We paid a visit to our friends at Tribe HQ in Brookvale, Sydney for the first session in our Field Test series. Doing what they do best, Alessio, Chenayhe and Thomas created a custom programmed workout to put the newest REC styles through their paces.


Trainers Who Care

Head coaches Alessio, Tommy and Chenayhe are passionate and knowledgeable trainers, who carry with them a wealth of personal experience in the realm of functional strength and conditioning and professional sports.

Its safe to say they take their health and fitness goals seriously, and with over 15 years combined industry experience they've designed a comprehensive training program that will challenge you physically and mentally, and will change your perception of the fitness industry for the better.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

Movement quality and efficiency are priority in all aspects of Tribe HQ's programming, while fat loss and / or muscle gain come as a by product of developing a healthy relationship with diet and exercise.

Their programming is inclusive to all and is designed so that all clients can choose their own path. Whether the goal is to lose fat, gain muscle or to compete in the sport of fitness, Tribe HQ have got you covered.

Visit Tribe HQ

218 Harbord Road, Brookvale NSW 2100
Instagram: @tribehq