REC Army in Detail

REC Army in Detail

Welcome to Army by REC GEN, a new release for those that live and breath a demanding training lifestyle. Designed by me, Luke Scott, with over 15 years of fabric & product design experience every REC GEN drop focusses on style, function and durability, personally tested and improved on each and every time. I don't rest until each piece becomes functionally critical to a workout or daily activity.


The Oxy Tee is my go-to training tee, this tee was designed for those that want to feel like they aren't actually wearing a tee, eg. me haha! Lightweight, breathable and constructed from our new dri release fabric and treated with silverplus, it keeps me cool, dry and comfortable even in the harshest of workout conditions. The versatility of the Oxy Tee means I can concentrate on any task at hand, nothing else matters, no distractions or excuses.


The new Type Shorts are a personal favourite, combining form and functionality in a highly flexible and robust construction. I'm 6' 2" so gravitate towards the 19" Type 3 but also like the freedom of the 17" Type 2 variant. These shorts are designed to withstand heavy abrasive barbell workouts and in the hottest conditions, the Type Shorts stay cool and dry due to laser perforations in the fabric allowing for extra airflow. I live on Sydney's Northern Beaches so the ocean is never far away and with the Type Shorts I can train, then jump straight in the water without a second thought.


Designed out of pure necessity from never being able to find one backpack that was perfect for training, travel and everyday, hence where the name comes from. Countless hours were spent perfecting the One Backpack, since receiving the prototype I have used it everyday here and on all my travels. I could honestly talk about this backpack all day... You'll only understand once you get one.


Every new fabric and design is thoroughly tested in a variety of environments. REC GEN Army was no different and excelled during a recent CrossFit workout at North Head Fitness, an epic local gym located in an old army helicopter hanger on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We put every piece through its paces, try it for yourself and let us know what you think!


For Time:
Buy in - 400m run
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Rope Climb 15’
Clean and Jerk 83kg / 61kg (185lbs/135lbs)
Buy out - 400m run

Finisher - 50 GHD Sit Ups