We prioritise health and wellbeing as a core value of our company. Incorporating wellness into your daily life helps to further expand your mind, body and spirit. We've each taken our own paths to get where we are and this series is all about exploring the individuality of this journey. 

Owner of Rec Gym, father, coach and all round great human. A man who lives and breathes the REC philosophy. Recently we caught up with Mitch Davis.

REC GEN: Describe yourself in three words.

Mitch Davis: Creative, ambitious, loyal.

RG: What are some of your core values that help support your physical and mental well being?

MD: Health/Fitness, Creativity, Generosity and Growth.

This is a good question, it’s not something that I often think about, but when I do there are some common themes that show up in my life. Health & Fitness is something that shows up a lot in my life and those that I am closest too. Having a creative outlet is something that I crave, and I definitely admire people who are the same, being able to use Photography/Videography and different aspects of my business to use creativity is very important to me. I consider myself incredibly lucky to lead the life I do, so being generous with my resources and ensuring those I am close with are well taken care of, is something that is incredibly important to me. Growth across all aspects of my life whether it’s being a better husband/father/dog dad and making good decisions to ensure business continues to thrive.

RG: You live a very full life, business owner, coach and father - what are your top three tips to onlookers that are trying to ‘juggle it all’?

MD: For those out there with a lot on their plate, it all comes down to prioritising what is important to you. If you can establish what these things are then it all comes down to putting your effort into those areas of your life. Personally, providing for my little family and making sure we are surrounded by the best community possible is most important thing for me long term so I base my own decisions daily around that. 

  1. Take yourself somewhere quiet with a coffee (or drink of choice) and have a good think about what is important to you. Write them down and be aware of them when you are making daily decisions.
  2. Surround yourself with a support network that helps you make good choices for you and your future. This is crucial, I am very lucky to have a great network of people around me.
  3. Understand that EVERYONE has daily struggles, some are small, some are huge, its how you handle yourself through these struggles that truly matter, if you have the above 2 points at the forefront of your mind then these struggles become a bit smaller and you’ll handle things much better.

RG: Your favourite REC pieces to train in and why?

MD:  The Type 2 LZR Shorts are my favourite to date, they are an every day wear for me whether its training, work or weekend. You’ll rarely find me in anything else. In the previous colder months the Rest Fleece Crew was also a daily staple. I've also just been lucky enough to test out the Oxy Mass Tee and I’m very excited to buy more of these, its definitely my new favourite tee.

The durability of REC clothing is what impresses me the most, I still have originals from the old ZANEROBE REC days that have withstood the test of CrossFit and time. REC GEN have done an amazing job ensuring that their gear lasts, inferior brands simply don’t care about this.

Mitch has created an unmatched environment & community where the best athletes in their field choose to train. With recent visits from Justin Medeiros.

RG: Business or personal, share two goals you’re hoping to achieve short term and long term.

MD: A personal goal of mine for a long time has been a 150kg Clean & Jerk, this one is top of my list of training goals. I would love to see Rec Gym expand to impact more individuals when it comes to their health and fitness, so opening up another location with the right people leading would be at the top of my business goals.