We prioritse health and wellbeing as a core value of our company. Incorporating wellness into your daily life helps to further expand your mind, body and spirit. We've each taken our own paths to get where we are and this series is all about exploring the individuality of this journey. 

Recently we caught up with Michaela Taylor.

REC GEN: Describe yourself in three words

Michaela Taylor: Tenacious, organised, driven.

RG: What was the inspiration behind starting your business? When did you take that leap?

MT: After I graduated high-school, I was blessed with the opportunity to work under Li-Chi Pan - a woman I looked up to as a mentor figure and respected immensely in the creative space. Li-Chi was (and still is, to this day) a huge source of inspiration to me. Working under her helped me realise it is possible to make a career out of your passions.

I took the leap roughly 4 and a half years ago.

RG: How do you live a purposeful life? What are your daily non negotiables?

MT: To me, a purposeful life is found when I take pride in what I create, find fulfilment in my work, prioritise my mental peace + health and invest into meaningful relationships and conversations.

My non-negotiables include adequate sleep, stretching, a solid 2+ hour gym session, recharging my social battery by spending time alone, cold showers, reading, plenty of water and whole foods. Not just when all my work is complete, or when it’s convenient. The key is discipline > motivation. Since Sydney’s last lockdown, I realised how core these ingredients are to my mental health. I know that if I start lacking in my mental health, everything else follows suite.

RG: Your top three tips for utilising your creative potential and what to do when you’re in a funk.


  1. It’s okay to walk away… as long as you remember to return.

Giving myself permission to stand up, and walk away from a backlog of edits and let myself recharge creatively is one of the biggest game-changers I have introduced to my workflow. I used to force myself to sit through it, and finish the task in front of me - no matter how long it took. I found that giving myself a mental reset, even just with a walk or going to the gym helped me become more efficient with my creative flow. 

  1. Don’t attach your identity or self esteem to your work.

This one took me several years to wrap my head around. The fact that not everyone is going to love your work, or see your vision. At the end of the day - that doesn’t subtract from the value that you bring to the table. It just means you should be aiming to work with clients who appreciate your creative, and align with your style of work.

Instead of being discouraged by negative feedback, shift your mindset. How can this feedback make my work better? What am I learning from this?

  1. If you want a career in it, start creating and posting.

Don’t let a qualification deter you from pursuing your dreams. If you want to attract a certain client you have to look at marketing your work to that client. You can do this by making sure your current work reflects what you could do for them. Then consider how you can engage with that brand. It could be directly through email or in person, even engaging through social media could be enough to get their eyes on your work.

When I’m in a funk, or feel burned out, I usually take a trip. I’m not talking a 6-month hiatus to Bali. But a wholesome tiny-home getaway or staycation in the Blue Mountains or up the coast. Change of environment, to nudge you out of the rut you’ve worked yourself into.

If you don’t have the time for a getaway, the next best thing is a nap. I am a shameless grandma when it comes to taking naps. They are my absolute guilty pleasure. Nothing makes me fold faster than a 20 minute power nap.

RG: What are your favourite REC GEN pieces to wear and why?

MT: I am obsessed with the Hold 7/8 Leggings. I own them in about 4 different colours. They fit like a glove, and are the most comfortable cut to workout in. I often struggle finding leggings that fit me length wise, these taper off just above my ankle and don’t slide down mid-workout.

In saying that, I could easily transition any REC GEN piece into my wardrobe. The minimalistic designs and quality material make it hard to fault.