REC Athlete 04 - Hannah Chominsky

REC Athlete 04 - Hannah Chominsky
Introducing REC Athlete 04: Hannah Chominsky; three-time CrossFit Games competitor, mother, wife, personal trainer/coach, horticulturalist, and business owner. Hannah believes in being better than yesterday and that effort equals respect. We sat down with Hannah to discuss the various highs and lows of her CrossFit journey, and about choosing a lifestyle that matched her goals. 

Name: Hannah Chominsky

WHERE DO YOU TRAIN? BeAthletic, Brookvale NSW

WHAT LEAD YOU TO CROSSFIT? HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN IT AS A SPORT/EXERCISE?  I kept running past a trailer displaying the old CrossFit Athletic logo. It had three images on it; a person rowing, a person on Olympic rings, and a person weightlifting. Being a very visual learner I was inspired to find out more. My two forms of exercise at that time were running and surfing. I was feeling a little uninspired by both. From week one I was hooked. CrossFit literally changed my life!

I would explain it to someone new as exciting, challenging, surprising and inspiring. You end up doing things you never thought possible, and you achieve more than you could ever imagined. It’s a mix of modalities, and when applied correctly, will enhance every part of your fitness and wellbeing journey.

WHAT HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENTS?  My biggest achievements have definitely been qualifying for the CrossFit Games (three times). However, qualifying in the top 30 girls in the Australia Open three years running and then choosing to compete in three regionals in a team was also very satisfying, being an older athlete it felt great to be competitive with the younger girls/teams.

WHAT have been the biggest challenges so far? Biggest challenges have been shoulders haha.... Seriously, finding the time to rain, and choosing a lifestyle that fitted with my goals. I've had to say no to many nights out and choose sleep/diet over social outings. Absolutely worth it when you have a goal - nothing feels better than achieving it!

Also, missing out on qualifying for the CrossFit Games by a couple of spots in my first competitive year was horrible. So much time and effort goes in and when you miss out you seriously doubt your ability.

WHAT makes you thrive personally, and professionally? I thrive in a positive environment. A supportive family, best friends, mentors and a community to train with. I felt honoured to compete in CrossFit. Personally, the same applies. If you work/train with people who have a similar mindsets anything is possible. Being a good human with a sense of humour for yourself and everyone around you. Effort = respect.

WHAT keeps you motivated? Being in good health keeps me motivated. 

favourite rec gen pieces to train in? I love my REC GEN Hold tights and Hold Crop Top in Cement AND I absolutely love the Patch EXO Jacket, it takes me to the gym, dog park, shops and beyone. I feel styling when I'm wearing it!