No Toxic Chemicals

Less Energy

Less Water

Organic cotton is cotton grown without harmful chemicals & pesticides. Farming organic cotton leaves the soil, air and water free from toxic contaminates and produces around 46% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton.

- Ethically sourced & produced pure organic cotton
- Has no toxic pesticides
- Notably lower pollution & carbon footprint






RECycle a modern challenge for our generation – to create functional, maximum quality products, while reducing their impact on the environment.

RECycle utilizes products diverted from landfill, uses new generation technologies to process them into fibres that are embedded and/or fused with natural and/or virgin fibres to create products with stronger more resilient properties.


Silver Ion Technology


Odour Resistant

Reduced Water Use

SILVERPLUS Protection®, Silver Iron Technology is powered by ATB-UV+ Silver®, an antibacterial technology and proprietary fabric blend. It includes the element silver embedded in its fibres to utilise silver’s odour fighting properties. Silver releases positive ions that attach to the negative ions of bacteria, which prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This unique fabric structure also enhances sweat wicking and quick-dry dispersion, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you odour-free during and after training sessions.


Heat Extraction

Active Evaporation

Easy-Care Durable Fabric

A moisture-wicking fabric technology which quickly moves sweat to the fabric’s outer surface away from the body through tiny spaces within the fabrics construction. When moisture hits the fabric surface it rapidly spreads and dissipates. Resulting in a more comfortable dry feel and allows the body to regulate its temperature more efficiently.


Moisture Wicking

Four Times Faster Drying

Active Evaporation

Highly Breathable

Easy-Care Durable Fabric

drirelease innovative solutions are designed to keep you cool, dry, fresh and comfortable - whatever the application. Because the comfort of drirelease fabrics is not from chemical finishes, the benefits are absolutely permanent. It will not wash out over time. The brilliance of DR fabrics is the engineered combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that allow them to engage with moisture naturally to dramatically improve how wetness is pulled from the skin and released into the air.


Water Repellent

Auto-therm Regulation

Aqua-Tex provides a water resistant bond to the fabric surface without compromising fabric characteristics. Fabric softness, drape, dry touch hand-feel are all maintained with the added advantage of increased durability and longevity.