REC Athlete 02 - Jacqui Kingswell

Pilates has always been one of our favorite forms of fitness at REC GEN HQ. With a focus on toning, strengthening, lengthening, and leaning the muscles, it's one of the most transformative practices that you can do for your body to create sustainable and lasting change. Recently, our love for pilates reached another level thanks to Sydney based instructor Jacqui Kingswell, founder of The Pilates Class. Launching her business during a global pandemic, she's managed to find her people and help pioneer a new way of working out. Aiming to inspire and empower a community with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Name: Jacqui Kingswell

OCCUPATION: Creator and founder of The Pilates Class

Where do you live? Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Where do you train? At home with The Pilates Class.

What lead you to pilates? I started pilates at 12 years old. The principle of my performing arts school at the time introduced pilates to the students as a way to strengthen and enhance our performance... which it totally did! Pilates was the practice that changed my mind and body, and was a practice that made me feel more connected to my body...and that was something I wanted everyone to experience.

How would explain it as an exercise? The Pilates Class is a unique and transformative practice that has you feeling not just stronger, longer, and leaner but it also relives any physical tension and mental stress. It’s a controlled movement that focuses on technique, alignment, and the deep burn of the muscle group you’re working.

What makes you thrive professionally? Hearing my clients say that they’re enjoying their workouts and feeling confident in their bodies. It’s so important to love your workout routine and moving your body.

How do you manage work/life balance? I think above all, the most important practice you need to member is to listen to your body and what it’s telling you. Every day is different and some days doing an intense work out might not be for you and that’s ok


Favourite REC GEN pieceS to train in? Tights and crop top...always! My favourites are the 'Hold Sports Bra' and the 'Hold 7/8 Leggings'. REC GEN is unmatched in quality and comfort.

Best piece of advice to your 14-year-old self? Stay focussed and committed to what feels right for you.